Halftone: A collection of points that come together to form a greater picture.

Halftone is a creative design studio dedicated to making every project we work on as high-quality and engaging as possible, no matter how large or small the audience. As a group we pride ourselves on our vertical approach to design, being able to provide our unique vision to planning events, marketing, and merchandise, while also having the ability to execute them in-house.

At Halftone, we have years of experience in event planning, web development, graphic design, product design, marketing, visual effects, 3D design, and architectural rendering (just to name a few). Additionally, we're capable of screen printing, embroidering, and manufacturing custom jewelry, all for highly competitive rates.

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Billie Huang @airfry1
Photographer Designer DJ Pro Angler
David Amirdjanian @damirdj_
Booking Agent Designer DJ
Hunter Middleton @huntotek
Web Developer DJ
Colin Shepherd @shnolk
Design Director Web Developer DJ

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